Doug Gottlieb Criticizes Jim Boeheim, Boeheim responds

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Update: Jim Boeheim went on “The Afternoon Drive” radio show on The Score 1260 and responded to Gottlieb’s comments:

“I don’t think he knows what he is talking about. I think he has an agenda when he talks about things and his agenda has always been anti-Syracuse and an anti-Jim Boeheim agenda, really, for whatever reason. That’s fine.”

Earlier: Doug Gottlieb and Syracuse fans have never been the best of friends. In fact, the two have hated each other over the years and Boeheim has been caught right in the middle of that feud. Gottlieb aired a CBS Sports Minute today criticizing Boeheim as a head coach, saying he hasn’t had post season success, his players don’t do well in the NBA and no one copies his style of play. 

Here is the audio from the sports minute.

The Boeheim-Gottlieb feud dates back quite some time. Gottlieb was a player at Notre Dame for a short amount of time, until he was caught stealing his roommates credit cards and booted from the program. After Gottlieb got the gig at ESPN, he called out Big East teams for having “fraudulent” schedules. Boeheim came back at Gottlieb, saying that the only type of fraud he knew about dealt with credit cards. 

Boeheim also called out Gottlieb as a player who could never play in the Big East. That tension has carried over all these years and Gottlieb continues to go at the Syracuse University basketball program. 

But in his sports minute, Gottlieb called Boeheim good, but not great. My question is: how can a coach get 900 wins, never have a losing record, win a National Championship, have a .748 win percentage in the toughest conference in college basketball and be called good, not great? 

This is just Gottlieb being Gottlieb. He lives to get a reaction out of people. 


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