Former LSU Lineman Gets A College Sports Question On Jeopardy! Very, Very Wrong

Peter Dyakowski is a former LSU lineman and SEC All-Academic team member, and he currently plays in the CFL for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Not only has he put together a nice football career, but he is also known as “Canada’s Smartest Person.” There’s little doubt that Dyakowski knows a lot about many subjects, but interestingly, college sports may not be his strongest suit.

During “Final Jeopardy”, Alex Trebek asked a question about Ivy League mascots. Dyakowski was a bit off the mark.

As a Syracuse alumnus, I certainly appreciate the gaffe. While it’s pretty easy to mistake SU’s conference, as they just moved to the ACC last year, people usually don’t put them in the Ivy League. Also, they haven’t been the “Orangemen” in over a decade.

At least Penn, the real answer to the question for its nickname “the Quakers” seems excited.

Dyakowski seems to be taking things in stride as well.


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Dan is a writer for College Spun. He is a 2012 Syracuse alumnus living in New York, NY. You can reach him at [email protected] or on Twitter @Dan_Lyons76.