NC State Fans Strike Back Against Wisconsin With Their Own Russell Wilson Billboard

It was just yesterday that we showed you a photo of a billboard in Raleigh, North Carolina that proclaimed Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (despite his name being misspelled) to be “one of” Wisconsin’s own. Wilson, for those unaware, attended NC State for three years but finished up his collegiate career for the Badgers. 

Thursday, we’re seeing another photo from the same Twitter user, Daniel Parks, which shows a different billboard in the same location – this time with a pro-Wolfpack message. The ad also purposely (we’re guessing) misspells Wisconsin as “Wizconsin”. 

There’s also a mini-shot at UNC, considering the two schools’ ongoing battle in claiming North Carolina.

We reached out to Fairway Outdoor, which confirmed the billboard’s existence. Needless to say, this was a quick response by NC State fans.


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