Photo: Miami Incorporating Dodgeball Into A Practice Drill

Update: Apparently this wasn’t a dodgeball-centric drill, but a full-on game of dodgeball at the end of Miami’s practice. The U released a very short video of the game as well. Hopefully we get a longer look at some point, because dodgeball is always fun, especially when played by elite athletes in full pads.

[Miami Hurricanes]

Original: Legendary fictional coach Patches O’Houlihan, from the movie Dodgeball, once said that “if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.” There was nothing in the movie about dodging linebackers and safeties, but apparently Miami coach Al Golden and his staff saw value in some of O’Houlihan’s practice drills. It appears that the Canes are using dodgeballs in camp this afternoon.

We really hope Miami releases video of whatever this drill is. Hopefully this is the only practice that Miami borrows from the 2004 comedy. Some of O’Houlihan’s other theories and actions would almost certainly be against NCAA rules, and many laws in general.

Remember the five D’s of dodgeball, Hurricanes: dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge.


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