Video: Check Out The Trailer For The New Documentary On The Louisville-Kentucky Rivalry: ‘Red V. Blue’

Kentucky is a state divided — it contains people who support the Louisville Cardinals, and others who are all-in for the Kentucky Wildcats. The two most prominent colleges in the state battle over recruits, banners, and respect year after year. Typically both teams are in the conversation for being the most elite in college basketball each seasonAlthough these two schools compete in different conferences, their hatred for one another is strong — very, very strong. Kentucky and Louisville have each won a national championship in the last two years, and neither powerhouse seems to be slowing down. 

Red V. Blue is a documentary by Rory Owen Delaney that will be released later this month detailing the great rivalry. It has it all, from the Final Four showdown in 2012, to interviews with coaches, politicians, and die-hard fans. The film will showcase the intense historical background of the rivalry, and is sure to be something that Kentuckians won’t want to miss. Here is the official trailer that was just released:



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