Louisville CB Andrew Johnson Sounds Off On Charlie Strong: “He Ain’t Real”

This afternoon, all eyes have been on Austin as Charlie Strong held his introductory press conference at the University of Texas. Strong poked fun at the media, had some interesting life advice for everyone in attendance, and generally acclimated himself well to the media circus.

One person who was not pleased with the scene was Louisville cornerback Andrew Johnson, who was watching the press conference from afar. He obviously is very disappointed in his former coach’s decision to leave the Cardinals, and seeing Strong in burnt orange brought out a little bit of emotion — Johnson decided to sound off on Twitter:






Of course, coaching changes are never easy, and it’s obvious why Johnson feels the way he does, especially if Strong did tell the players that he wasn’t going anywhere. That being said, Strong wouldn’t be the first coach to hide the truth from his players, and he had to do what was best for himself. There’s just no point in crying over spilled milk now anyway — what is done is done.


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