Gorgui Dieng Calls Out Kentucky Wildcats By Questioning Their Team Chemistry

The 2012-2013 athletic season was phenomenal for Louisville Cardinal fans — the most memorable moment was obviously the men’s basketball team winning the National Championship.

One of those national champion Cardinals, Gorgui Dieng, had some pretty interesting comments recently in an interview before the upcoming NBA Draft — specifically, he was calling out John Calipari’s Kentucky Wildcats.  Dieng thinks that Kentucky, which is said to have the best recruiting class ever, has a chance to win the title, but he doubts the Wildcats’ team chemistry is there. Here’s what he told Adam Zagoria of ZagsBlog:

“They always have the best players and always, I don’t want to say best players, they always have the chance but are they going to be a team? We don’t know. You can have a lot of pieces but it’s tough to have a team.”

Dieng also mentioned that he thinks the Cardinals will be better in 2013-14 than they were last year, so everyone else should look out.

These comments, particularly the ones relating to UK, will no doubt spark emotion between the rival schools. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until December for these two teams to battle it out on the court. 

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