Doug Gottlieb Made A Marijuana Joke, Chane Behanan Did Not Like It

CBS college basketball analyst Doug Gottlieb is never shy to mix it up with the athletes he covers. Wednesday night, after hearing that former Louisville forward Chane Behanan would be looking at Colorado State as a potential transfer option, Gottlieb opted to tweet something that a lot of fans were probably thinking. Behanan got wind of it and was, predictably, not thrilled.

If you’re still in the dark here, Gottlieb is making reference to Colorado’s recent legalization of recreational marijuana use. While Louisville has not released an official statement as to whether Behanan’s recent dismissal from the program was drug-related, he admitted himself that he needs “help” when speaking about his intentions to work with John Lucas, who has helped numerous athletes with drug and alcohol issues.

Was Gottlieb’s joke fair or foul?


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