Coach Cal On Louisville: “It’s Only A Big Game If We Win”

Most would argue that regardless of the outcome, Saturday’s Kentucky vs. Louisville tilt is about as important of a matchup as we’re going to see during college basketball’s regular season. But Wildcats coach John Calipari disagrees – he thinks it’s only a “big game” if UK prevails. 

Coach Cal’s reasoning? He thinks that the Wildcats only have a few opportunities left to play highly-ranked teams. UK, thus far, is 0-3 against ranked teams and 9-0 against unranked squads.

From where Coach Cal stands, it certainly makes sense. The Cardinals are the final non-conference game on the schedule before 18 games against SEC foes. The Southeastern Conference currently only has three teams ranked – Florida, Missouri and UK. In short, Cal knows that the Wildcats need a quality victory, and that Saturday is a great opportunity to get it.


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