According To Facebook, More People Are Interested In Louisville Than Kentucky – In Kentucky

With the Sweet 16 of this year’s NCAA Tournament set to kick off tonight, the guys over at Facebook have released some very interesting data regarding which teams are being talked about the most on their social media platform. The graphic below shows which team has been getting the most “buzz” in each state in the US this past week. One of the more interesting results? Louisville is a more popular topic in the state of Kentucky than Kentucky itself. Thanks to Business Insider for the find:


As you can also see, Dayton is the most talked-about team across the nation (in terms of number of states) after beating Syracuse this past Saturday night. You can also see a trend of a state talking about a team that beat its most popular team – New Yorkers buzzing about Dayton, Nebraskans about Baylor, Oregonians about Wisconsin, etc.


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