Todd Gurley On Georgia’s Season: “We Still Have A Championship To Play For: The State Championship”

After falling to Auburn last week, the Georgia Bulldogs officially lost whatever slim hopes remained of obtaining a BCS bowl bid in 2013, but they still feel like they have something to play for this season. The Bulldogs maybe not be able to win a national championship, or even an SEC championship, but they are feasting their eyes on the state championship when they play Georgia Tech on November 30th. Winning a “state championship” would be a great way to send out Aaron Murray and the other seniors — everyone loves to beat an in-state rival:  

It’s pretty cool to see that the players are still focused on winning and aren’t throwing in the towel during a season which everyone acknowledges has been filled with disappointment. We’ve seen other teams (cough, Oregon, cough) that may not be as focused or excited once their ultimate dreams have been shattered, but that doesn’t appear to be the case for Georgia. So even if it requires making up championships that aren’t actually real, you have to credit Mark Richt for keeping his team motivated.


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