Photos: Someone Stole The “T” From Georgia Tech’s “Tech Tower”

Most university “traditions” are supported by the school – either officially or on the down low. But not the stealing of the “T” at Georgia Tech – at least, not anymore.

Tuesday, it was widely reported that someone (most likely a group of students) stole the “T” from the Lettie Pate Whitehead Evans Administration Building, also known as the Tech Tower. It’s the first time in 13 years that anyone has attempted to steal the famous letter.

If you’re wondering the significance, here’s some quick background:

Tech Tower has four sides, all of which have the letters “T-E-C-H” hanging across the top. Back in 1969, a group of GT students were successfully able to steal the “T” on the building’s east side. Over the years, the prank was repeated multiple times, and it became a tradition for the perpetrators to return the “T” during halftime of the next season’s homecoming football game. Eventually, due to safety concerns for students, the activity was officially “discouraged” by the school. And at this point, it’s assumed that any student caught attempting the act would be suspended or expelled.

Regardless, it looks like someone has pulled it off. The school acknowledged it this afternoon:

 The Yellow Jackets’ homecoming game for this year is on November 1st against Virginia. Could that be the next time we see the “T”?


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