Photos: Louisville Sent Packages To Other ACC Schools Containing Basketballs, Model Hearts, Coasters

While we believe the Louisville addition is a very good one for the ACC, the school is pretty different and perhaps unfamiliar to many of the league’s existing members. To teach the schools a bit more about the newest ACC member, Louisville sent gift packages to their fellow member schools. The contents are…interesting.

A Florida State fan on Reddit posted pictures of the package that his department received. 

My boss at FSU received this package from Louisville the other day.

It’s a very nice gesture, though I think it is sort of funny that Louisville sent out packages welcoming themselves to the ACC. The package included a tiny model heart along with a card explaining its significance (it’s about UofL’s involvement in cardiac research that saved a child’s life), a hand-written note addressed to my boss, a booklet highlighting UofL’s academic and athletic achievements, and an ACC coaster which has all the ACC schools’ athletics logos on the back (the FSU logo is the new one). And before anybody asks, I do not work in the Athletics department.

As a few redditors mentioned, there are less threatening ways to introduce yourself than to send a heart in a box, but it seems like Louisville means well. They probably save the real hearts for packages to Kentucky.



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