Jameis Winston Is Getting Harassed On Twitter Because A Florida Woman Stole Lobster Tails In Her Pants From A Publix

Oh, Twitter – sometimes you are fantastic. Thursday night, it was reported by the Associated Press that a woman in Florida had stuffed seven lobster tails in her pants and walked out of a Publix without paying for them. Of course, police found her an hour later, arrested her and charged her with petit theft. College football fans, especially those residing in the state of Florida, can probably recall a similar situation involving this past year’s Heisman Trophy winner – Jameis Winston. Winston, for those unaware, was cited for stealing crab legs and crawfish from a Tallahassee Publix in late April.

Given the similarities between the stories, fans have been making fun of Winston on Twitter all day. Many even joked that she must be the woman of Winston’s dreams.

The actual college football season can’t come soon enough.


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