Did Jameis Winston Break FSU’s ‘No Tweeting’ Rule Because He Really Wants To Get Wasted?

Update: Florida State confirmed that Winston’s Twitter account was hacked:

Earlier: Florida State head football coach Jimbo Fisher hates Twitter. Okay, so maybe he doesn’t actually hate it, but beginning two seasons ago, Fisher has banned his players from tweeting during the college football season. The last day the Seminoles were allowed to tweet before this season was August 5th.

Today, the deafening Twitter silence was broken by, who else, but Famous Jameis Winston. Nobody is really sure why at this point, but Winston’s account retweeted a post that reads “I wanna get whiskey wasted!”

Kami Mattioli of Sporting News spotted it right away:

The retweet had to be an accident, or he was hacked, right?

It really makes no sense why Winston would share the tweet out of the blue, and considering that Winston is both underage (he’s 19) and he already has enough things going on his life right now, breaking FSU’s Twitter policy is probably the last thing he needs at the moment. I’m sure we’ll learn more about this “incident” shortly.


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