Clemson’s SID Makes “Pulling A Stanford” Euphemism For Choking, He’s Tired Of ‘Clemsoning’

If you’re a college football fan, you’re probably familiar with the term “Clemsoning.” The word essentially means that a good team is committing an egregious choke job and is playing down to a significantly lesser opponent. Clemson fans hate that their team is the ultimate representative of choking, and are quick to point out that plenty of other teams lose games that they shouldn’t.

Tonight after No. 4 Stanford was upset by USC, Clemson’s sports information director Tim Bourret tried to dub choking “pulling a Stanford” on Twitter:


His point about the Cardinal slipping up is a valid one — Stanford will be the first to admit that it hasn’t gone out and won like it expects to. Sadly though for Bourret and Tigers fans, most people will just say Stanford had a bad case of Clemsoning.


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