Which Schools’ Alumni Got The Most Technical Fouls In The 2012-2013 NBA Season?

Every year, it seems like it’s the same guys getting called for technical fouls in the NBA. Dwight Howard and Rasheed Wallace come to mind as perennial favorites to lead the league in technical fouls assessed, as they often can’t control themselves when talking to officials. 

But are there any trends regarding which schools produce players with anger problems? We ran a quick set of statistics to determine which colleges’ alumni were given the most technical fouls during the 2012-2013 season. Without further ado, here are the findings:

First, a few notes – then we’ll get to the top ten.

  • Four of the top ten players leading the league in technical fouls assessed did not go to college.
  • Alumni of 87 schools were given at least one tech in the 2012-2013 season.
  • Kentucky’s DeMarcus Cousins led the league this year with 17 techs total.
  • We realize that the more players a program has in the NBA, the more likely they are to be on this list. Fully acknowledged.

10. Xavier – 18 technical fouls

David West is responsible for 11, while Jordan Crawford is responsible for the other seven.

9. Florida – 23 technical fouls

Joakim Noah was assessed ten of these, but there were also eight other players given at least one.

T-7. North Carolina – 24 technical fouls

UNC actually had 12 different players assessed at least one technical this year, so the blame can be spread out. Vince Carter and Rasheed Wallace led the way with four apiece.

T-7. Washington – 24 technical fouls

Nate Robinson (11) and Spencer Hawes (7) are the two main reasons that Washington, a school with just eight NBA players, is on this list.

6. Kansas – 24 technical fouls

KU had ten players with at least one tech, but the Morris twins (Markieff and Marcus) totalled nine between just the two of them.

5. Texas – 28 technical fouls

For as mild mannered as Kevin Durant appears, he actually got 12 technical fouls this year. P.J. Tucker also chipped in five for the Longhorns.

4. Duke – 29 technical fouls

The Blue Devils had ten players with at least one technical foul, yet zero with over five. Carlos Boozer and Josh McRoberts lead the way with five apiece.

3. Connecticut – 32 technical fouls

UConn is similar to Duke. The Huskies have ten players with at least one tech, but none with more than six. Rudy Gay (6), Hasheem Thabeet (5) and Kemba Walker (4) led the way.

2. UCLA – 39 technical fouls

Russell Westbrook (15) and Matt Barnes (10) did most of the damage here. Westbrook actually finished No. 2 overall in the league this year.

1. Kentucky – 43 technical fouls

If it weren’t for the NBA Draft Class of 2010, the Wildcats would be fine. DeMarcus Cousins (17), John Wall (6) and Eric Bledsoe (3) make up more than half of the techs assessed to former UK players this year. 


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